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Procurement notice

“Crown Agents Limited” – Procurement Notice Procurement of Construction Works /

Crown Agents Limited (hereinafter, “Crown Agents”) hereby intends to carry out the procurement of the following construction worksfor sanatorium located in Morshyn, Lviv region:

1. Preparatory works at the reconstruction site.
2. Installation of a module gas boiler house 2,300 kW for heating, hot water supply and ventilation with advanced energy efficient boiler equipment, pump group and automated
control system.
3. Construction of gas supply, energy supply (with backup sources), water supply and water sewage systems as well as an external heating network.
4. Installation/reconstruction of an individual heating station with a heat source from a module gas boiler house.
5. Repairs of premises at the diagnostics and rehab unit:
− reception desk;
− staffroom;
− GP office;
− surgeon office;
− medical treatment room;
− US diagnostics room;
− ergotherapy room;
− physical and rehabilitation medicine room;
− therapist office;
− neurologist office;
− cardiologist office;
− rooms for individual and group psychological support sessions;
− physical therapy hall;
− sports hall;
− massage room;
− personnel rooms;
− lavatories;
− locker rooms with showers;
− closets;
− corridors;
− other auxiliary rooms;
− entrance group with arranged stairs, ramps for wheelchairs and lobbies.

The final list of related premises can be adjusted in accordance with the customer’s requests.

“Crown Agents” hereby invites contractors with the experience in construction/reconstruction of similar facilities to apply. Submit your applications to the email: and include general information about the company:
Company name;
Company address;
Company profile;
Contact details (tel., email, etc.); and
Contact person.

All the candidate companies will receive further instructions on the tender process.
Applications shall be sent before 23 April 2024.