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Procurement notice

Crown Agents Limited- Procurement of Consultant Engineer Services and Design Works /

Crown Agents Limited (hereinafter, “Crown Agents”) hereby intends to carry out the procurement of consultant engineer services and design works.

1. Consultant Engineer: The services include designing the building of the rehabilitation centre based on the existing recreation centre located in Morshyn, Lviv region. The works shall include collecting source data to develop the design; inspecting the construction site, supervising the inspection of the project documentation; consulting the customer on the assessment criteria during the selection of a general contracting company for the construction works; performing the technical supervision, and the compliancy control for the performed construction works, structures, goods, materials and equipment regarding the project design specifications, the state standards, construction rules and regulations; inspecting the results of construction works at all stages; inspecting the availability of the required documents on structures, goods, materials and equipment; and acting in the capacity of Project Manager, etc.

2. Design works: The works shall include amending the project budget documentation drafted from 2018 to 2020 needed for the construction of a rehabilitation centre; designing a module boiler room with a general capacity of 2.3 MW for the supply of heating and hot water for the complex located in the town on Morshyn, Lviv region. The scope of works shall also cover the design of utility networks and an individual heating unit, the main entrance design with the ramp installation, and internal works in the premises with a floor area up to 800 sq.m.

The staff of a candidate contractor company must include the following certified professionals: Leading Consultant Engineer (construction), Leading Technical Building Supervision Engineer, Leading Building Surveyor.

“Crown Agents” hereby invites contractors to apply. Submit your applications to the emails:; and include general information about the company.

The application must have the following information:

Company name;
Company address;
Contact details (telephone number, email, etc.);
Contact person.

All the candidate companies will receive further instructions on the tender process. This procurement notice is effective until 26 January 2024.