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The ones who make it happen: How our Communications Manager Nicole Greene found her dream role

5th October 2023

Graduating three months into a global pandemic was not how Nicole envisioned the start of her future post-university. But neither was finishing her high-school exams on the day of the Brexit vote. 

One might say there was a certain degree of serendipity in the way major life events were intertwined with uncertainty. As fate one day led Nicole to Crown Agents, where our specialism is building resilient solutions to confront the ever-evolving challenges faced by our world. 

After completing a degree in International Relations, Nicole started her career in marketing and discovered that her passion for writing could change the way an organisation is being perceived and thought about. However, aside from being an active member of the DEI committee, the source of personal growth and accomplishment present throughout her degree had disappeared. All Nicole longed for was stimulation from conversations around geopolitics, and developmental challenges. 

Finding Crown Agents

For a couple of years post-university, breaking into the development sector proved to be a challenge, until Nicole stumbled upon Crown Agents. Having gained valuable experience in marketing and communications, she joined as a Marketing Manager for TPD and Communications Executive. 

Whilst her previous experience in the education sphere played a pivotal role in securing this position, Nicole’s true passion lay in Communications. Six months down the line, her aspiration became a reality as she transitioned into a full-time role as Communications Manager. 

The one thing Nicole cherishes most about her role is the ability to craft communication materials that showcase solutions aimed at addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues. One of her most notable achievements to date was the creation of an animation video that recounted the story of the CAID-funded digital learning centres in Ukraine for children affected by the war. These centres transformed bomb shelters in school basements into a space for children to learn and continue their education despite the ongoing conflict. 

In her own words: Joining Crown Agents offers an opportunity to cultivate confidence in one’s career through a diligent organisational culture. People are encouraged to present their ideas, and there is a willingness to adapt when necessary. 

But working in a communications role for an organisation like Crown Agents also presents its share of challenges. Balancing competing demands and ensuring alignment with the organisation’s objectives is an ongoing struggle. Nonetheless, the job provides exposure and a comprehensive understanding of the various facets of the organisation, alongside getting the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from across the globe, ranging from Ukraine to Sierra Leone to Japan.