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Business integrity

We understand the burden of risk and the value of honesty. That’s why we invest in our integrity.

We maintain a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of fraud, bribery and corruption wherever we operate.

Our culture of compliance drives best practice across the public and private sector and we are committed to delivering goods and services in keeping with the principles of courage and authenticity.

Our approach to business integrity

We ensure that the highest standards of honest, ethical and transparent behaviour are engaged in and adhered to across all Crown Agents operations, from design to delivery.

We ensure our entire business adheres to the highest ethical and legal frameworks by:

  • Ensuring that Crown Agents operations and offices comply with recognised international standards of business integrity
  • Promoting a ‘speak up culture’:
    Ensuring a “speak-up culture” exists within Crown Agents, including the management of a fully confidential whistle-blowing mechanism, accessible to all CA employees and associates
  • Supporting training and capacity building:
    Ensuring that Crown Agents’ employees are provided with training enabling them to comply with Business Integrity policies and adhere to relevant frameworks
  • Ensuring data integrity:
    Ensuring that Crown Agents adheres to all aspects of General Data Protection Regulation include the timely response to Subject Action Requests.

United Nations Global Compact

We are participants of the Global Compact, the largest sustainability initiative in the world. Our involvement reinforces our commitment to upholding the highest standards of accountability and integrity in the Compact’s core focus areas of human rights, labour rights, environmental rights and anti-corruption.


UN Global Compact