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Project SWACHH (Sustainable Waste Management and Community Health Initiative in Haridwar) /

The Centre for Environment Education Society (CEE) and Crown Agents, with the support of Roche pharma Pvt. Ltd India, have joined forces with the municipality, the Nagar Nigam (NN), to implement project SWACHH. The primary objective of project SWACHH is to facilitate the separation of organic (wet) waste from dry waste for subsequent collection and conversion into compost.

In Haridwar City, located in Uttarakhand State, India, the disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) poses significant challenges for NN, specifically in the realm of MSW management. The mismanagement of waste within the city not only impacts the responsibilities of NN but also healthcare facilities in monitoring biomedical waste. It also gives rise to broader environmental and health risks for all residents. The repercussions of this mismanagement extend beyond the confines of HCFs, influencing the overall well-being of the community and necessitating urgent attention to mitigate potential adverse effects on public health and environmental sustainability.

The project is expected to:

  • Reduce CO2 by 2.7% in the first year of delivery
  • Reduce CO2 by 6,306 tonnes in 2026, equivalent to taking 1,403 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles off the roads in Haridwar for a year.

Our approach:

  • Efficient management of organic waste across the Bulk Waste Generators (BWGs) like ashrams, hotels and dhabha (food markets)
  • Instalment of 240 bio-composters across the city of Haridwar
  • Widespread Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) campaigns to raise awareness about the positive effects of proper Solid Waste Management (SWM) on public health and environmental hazards.