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Ukraine Emergency Response

Act now to support the people of Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine continues to have a devastating impact on the lives of Ukrainian civilians and the country’s infrastructure. It has wreaked unprecedented destruction, taken thousands of lives and displaced millions of people.  

When Russia first invaded in February, Crown Agents International Development (CAID) launched an outreach effort to raise funds to support the Ukrainian people. Crown Agents has a 25-year-old history of working in Ukraine, including partnering with the Ukraine Ministry of Health on the procurement and distribution of essential medicines. As such, we are uniquely placed to understand the health needs and infrastructure on the ground, which means we can provide live-saving support for the Ukrainians in Ukraine.  

Our teams have so far procured and delivered a range of required goods, including Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs), oxygen concentrators, baby incubators, and bedside patient monitors.  

The country is still in need of further humanitarian support. Over $130 billion worth of infrastructure has been destroyed. There have been over 700 recorded attacks on health care facilities alone, at a time when lifesaving services are needed most. CAID is now working to support the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Ukraine. As well as continuing to procure and deliver emergency items as new needs emerge, we are working to restore schools, hospitals, and communities.   

Additional funding will enable us to:  

  • Support existing Ukrainian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). Many CSOs are under immense strain and Crown Agents are working to ensure they can continue to deliver essential services to local communities across Ukraine. Currently we are funding organisations focusing on the evacuation of people from the occupied territories, those rehabilitating health services, and documenting war crimes. 
  • Provide mental health support to war-affected civilians. The war is heightening the risk of mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. With your support, Crown Agents can employ effective mechanisms and models of assistance to reach people who have been impacted. 
  • Be a crucial player in the reconstruction and rehabilitation effort. Crown Agents can utilise our expertise in reconstruction and rehabilitation to start rebuilding a resilient Ukraine. We wish to fund a six-month project in five healthcare facilities, allowing them to resume service delivery, and can only undertake this work with your help.  
  • Contribute to the vital de-mining effort across the country. Crown Agents have been asked by the Ministry of Health to procure and supply specialist de-mining equipment, to ensure the safe removal of unexploded mines across the country. Nothing else can happen in mined areas before this is done.  
  • Procure and deliver new items to the country as needs evolve. We are also aware of the urgent need for items such as premature baby nutrition to further support the large number of preterm babies born during war time.  The demands will only rise and shift as the war goes on. 

Crown Agents is a global leader in the humanitarian space with decades of experience responding in the face of conflict. We have delivered aid in contexts such as the 2015 earthquake in Nepal and the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and supported a variety of countries globally to tackle the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have made it our mission to ensure emergency products reach the people who need them most in the quickest time possible and take on any challenge to support the most vulnerable. 

Please contact Keith Kibirango to find out how your company can partner with us.

Crown Agents International Development (CAID) (charity number: 1192249) is working with Greenshields Cowie on this response. Greenshields Cowie is a leading logistics partner renowned for delivering a myriad of commodities into some of the most challenging, remote and volatile regions in the world. From managing the movement of COVID-19 vaccines to Antarctica or transporting Hospital Units to Ethiopia, they ensure that essential products reach the people who need them most in the quickest time.