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Policy-Making and Legislative Drafting Training

Build your policy-making and legislation skills

Our policy-making and legislative training courses are ideal for all those responsible for the design, planning, communication, implementation or evaluation of policies, and for the legislative drafters and legal counsel who are tasked with turning these policies into good quality legislation.

Delegates learn how to develop effective, evidence-based policies and then translate that policy into legislation. They learn the essential skills of legislative drafting to achieve this, including the use of clear communication and legislative language.

Featured Director of Studies – Roger Rose

Roger has broad international experience in policy and legislative drafting. After practising for some years at the English Bar as a barrister, Roger worked with the governments of Malawi and Kenya, where he specialised in legislative drafting.

Roger was First Parliamentary Counsel of Kenya for six years. He has delivered customised drafting courses in countries including Nigeria, Liberia and the Maldives.

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