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Government, Policy and Justice Training

Build your policy-making and legislation skills

Our policy-making and legislative training courses are ideal for all those responsible for the design, planning, communication, implementation or evaluation of policies, and for the legislative drafters and legal counsel who are tasked with turning these policies into good quality legislation.

Delegates learn how to develop effective, evidence-based policies and then translate that policy into legislation. They learn the essential skills of legislative drafting to achieve this, including the use of clear communication and legislative language.

Focussed on judicial case management and legal ethics, our courses for judges and court officials deliver expert training on the vital mainstays of any respected and trusted judicial system.

Featured Trainer – Dr Philip Davies

Phil Davies

Philip is a leading figure in the development of evidence-based policy in the UK and has lectured and consulted widely on this topic throughout the world.

Philip is a graduate of the Universities of Oxford, London and California and was a faculty member of Oxford University for much of his career. He has also been a senior civil servant in the UK Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, responsible for policy evaluation and analysis. Philip has worked with the African Union Commission and the World Bank to develop impact evaluations and the use of evidence to reduce poverty in Indonesia, Africa and the Middle East.

Featured Trainer – Neelam Sarkaria

Neelam has over 25 years’ experience in a variety of roles, including as a Tribunal Judge First Tier and an independent criminal justice consultant.

She holds an Honorary Lectureship in English Law at Aberdeen University, Associate Fellowship at St Mary’s University and has developed and delivered training for police, prosecutors, health, education and social care professionals on gender-based violence in the UK and internationally. Neelam has extensive experience of working within and across Whitehall departments and the Crown Prosecution Service, holding a range of operational and strategic roles.

Neelam is a former Chair and now a Vice-President of the Association of Women Barristers and holds several key advisory positions on charities and parliamentary committees.

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