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Syria Rehabilitation /

Debris Clearance and Waste Management in Deir-ez-Zor

  • Safe clearance of 44,000m3 debris from 128 public areas and buildings in 21 locations, including 103 school
  • 78% of cleared debris recycled

In Syria, Crown Agents is contributing to post-conflict recovery through the restoration of services in Deir-ez-Zor, in the North East. Through the North East region’s largest cash-for-work scheme, we employed workers from the most vulnerable households to remove over 44,000m3 of debris from 128 public areas and buildings. This has hugely impacted the lives of 311,000 local residents, including 37,000 school children, and is also encouraging the return of internally displaced persons (IDPs). Four-fifths of the rubble from the debris clearance activities has been recycled to rebuild and rehabilitate damaged infrastructure.

Waste Management

The project has also improved community waste management systems by installing additional waste containers, increasing waste transport capacity and providing short term waste clean-up teams.

Rehabilitation of urban lighting in Raqqa City

In Raqqa, which is widely considered to be Syria’s most destroyed city of modern times, we’ve also restored street-lighting infrastructure, providing safer streets for 44,000 people who use them daily.

This project was designed together with implementing partners in Syria – who have the best understanding of the needs and priorities in Deir-ez-Zor – and technical assistance provided from international solid waste management experts.

Watch our case study video here: