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Public Financial Management in Nepal /

  • 15+ assessments around fiduciary risk /
  • $80 million queried expenditure settled /

Reforming public financial management

We worked in partnership with donors and the Government of Nepal to support public financial management (PFM) reform at the national, sub-national and sectoral level, encouraging greater financial accountability throughout the system.

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Understanding and minimising risk for the government of Nepal

The programme was designed to build on and address gaps in other PFM technical assistance programmes being provided to central government (World Bank multi-donor trust fund) and sub-national government (ADB strengthening public management programme). Through technical assistance and capacity building, we strengthened the Government of Nepal’s financial management to reduce fiduciary risks for public and other donor funds.

Our approach:

  • Over 15+ assessments around fiduciary risk across a variety of sectors and ministries including health, climate change, rural infrastructure, education and women and children
  • Embedding advisory support within the PEFA Secretariat and short-term support to finalise development of the national PFM reform
  • Working within a politically tense environment, we cleared a backlog of over 7,000 audit observations, settling $80million queried expenditure
  • Giving training in financial performance and IT audit to the Auditor General to increase the quality of external budget implementation oversight and transparency

Crown Agents brought a strong grasp of Nepal’s political economy, an adaptive programming approach and a team of experienced national and international experts to the programme. PFMA was a top performing programme, scoring A*s in each of the last 4 annual donor reviews.

“The strongest performing output of the programme continues to be… the component delivered by Crown Agents.”

DFID, 29.10.2016