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Nepal Safer Schools Project /

  • Provision of WaSH facilities in 52 schools across 17 districts of Nepal
  • Earthquake safe retrofit and reconstruction of 93 classrooms in 4 districts of Nepal
  • Support for distance education during COVID-19 provided to students across 17 districts
  • Disaster risk reduction contingency planning supported for 52 schools

Making schools more resilient to disaster in Nepal

The NSSP is the Nepal Safer Schools Project, a  Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office-funded project seeking to increase the safety of more than 200 vulnerable schools in Nepal and build the resilience of pupils, staff and the wider community to disasters.

This is one part of FCDO’s wider ‘Strengthening Disaster Resilience in Nepal’ programme that seeks to build the resilience of vulnerable people and reduce the impact of natural hazards in Nepal.

We are providing:

The NSSP will help more than 200 schools and communities in Nepal to be more resilient to disasters. This will be achieved through rebuilding, retrofitting and strengthening school buildings themselves; through providing training and education to pupils, staff and community members on disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction and disaster management; and through providing technical assistance and learning at a national level to support the countrywide development and implementation of safer schools and disaster risk reduction.