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Helping Ukraine achieve European procurement standards /

Helping Ukraine implement best practice procurement

Procurement reform is one of the biggest EU-funded reform support initiatives to happen in Ukraine. Our work began in November 2013 following the Government of Ukraine’s reaffirmation of its commitment to bring procurement in line with EU standards. This programme is operating at national, regional and local levels, in close collaboration with a variety of government ministries and authorities.

We perform two main functions to support reform

Firstly, we support the development of an effective public finance management system. This involved providing advising on the policies, legislation and institutional structure and operations which guided the revised Public Procurement Law of April 2014.

Our second task is to introduce a state aid regulatory system which will monitor and control trade subsidies, tax breaks and government support to the private sector.

Our approach:

  • Achieving higher standards of transparency and performance of public spending, through the avoidance of duplicating or wasteful expenditure
  • Contributing to greater public confidence as part of anti-corruption efforts, by ending secret subsidies or unjustified subsidies
  • Increasing the level of competition in the economy by removal of any artificial competitive advantage being given to any supplier organisation
  • Helping to ensure that support measures to the business sector are justified and likely to produce a positive economic impact
  • Contributing to a functioning market economy by rationalising future industrial modernisation, economic development and foreign direct investment policies in line with best international practice