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Closing the healthcare gap in Bermuda /

At Crown Agents, we are collaborating with the Bermuda Health Board (BHB) to address their ongoing medical staffing challenges. The BHB oversees the King Edward VII Hospital, the only hospital in Bermuda. The King Edward VII Hospital has faced persistent understaffing issues, resulting in extended periods of staff shortages.  

The Current Situation 

With high vacancy numbers and ongoing issues bringing nurses from visa-controlled countries, the recruitment and retention issues have been difficult to resolve. In a recent development, the urgent care centre had to be temporarily closed due to staff shortages, further straining the resources of the Emergency Department.

Crown Agents’ Comprehensive Approach 

Crown Agents is working in collaboration with the BHB to offer UK registered nurses who are seeking short-term assignments or considering a lifestyle change with the opportunity to become a nurse in Bermuda. We are the only organisation working closely with the BHB to tailor our placements and meet their specific needs. 

Bridging short-term vacancy gaps is a new venture to assist the BHB to gain some stability with their nursing numbers, whilst nurses from non-visa controlled countries, including the UK are offered the opportunity to take long-term roles.

  1. Short-Term Relief:
  • Providing immediate assistance to address the urgent staffing needs for nurses, doctors, and auxiliary staff. 
  1. Long-Term Relief:
  • Reducing the workload for the BHB. 
  • Achieving value for money. 
  • Improving sustainability through a proactive, reliable, and consistent approach to rapid recruitment. 

 At Crown Agents, we are committed to improving healthcare delivery and ensuring the well-being of the communities we serve. Together with the BHB, we are working towards a healthier and more sustainable future for Bermuda’s healthcare system. 

If you are interested in applying, please click here.