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Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) in Sierra Leone /

Improving child healthcare delivery through in-depth research

Crown Agents are contracted by Emory University as the Fiscal Agent for the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) network in Sierra Leone while also providing management oversight. The CHAMPS network works to understand the cause of death of children under five, especially where mortality rate is highest, by gathering the evidence needed to save young lives. The resulting data can be used to develop evidence-based policy, set priorities for research and inform the provision of much-needed vaccines and medicines.

Crown Agents performs two key functions for the CHAMPS network in Sierra Leone.

Building a cohesive network through strong financial management

We manage the financial flow through the CHAMPS Sierra Leone network. This involves assisting implementing partners to produce budgets, carrying out financial risk assessments of each implementing partner, and creating a reimbursement and validation process for the work our partners do. We also provide financial advice to partners and build capacity where necessary.

Schoolgirls in Sierra Leone standing in the road.Managing partners and providing effective procurement

We contract all implementing partners and manage the overall work plan for CHAMPS to ensure milestones are met. This involves assisting out partners to produce their own work plans, and making sure they conduct agreed activities on time and to the required standard. We also flag risks and data quality issues, and suggest mitigating strategies to improve the quality of research and data collection.

Additionally, there has been a procurement aspect to our role as managing agent. We procured the lab equipment and reagents required for the programme, and have been responsible for procuring the services of contractors to set up a dedicated CHAMPS office, as well the repair and refurbishment for the Makeni and Connaught Hospital.