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Building capacity in Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation for the Ministry of Finance, Ghana /

Case study: Ministry of Finance, Ghana

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) provides a framework for the effective measurement of results for both private and public sector entities. These frameworks provide a new set of tools, complementary to traditional results measurement systems, that offer governments and organisations new methods for ensuring the achievement of their strategic, policy and project goals.


In July 2019, Crown Agents designed and delivered a customised five-day training programme for 19 officials from the Ministry of Finance, Ghana, to build capacity in the area of results-based monitoring and evaluation (RBM&E).

The programme was focussed on equipping participants with the knowledge to understand where and how M&E fits within the organisational or national framework, and the strategies required for its successful design, build and integration.

Working with our experienced trainers, delegates developed an understanding of key RBM&E methods and performance indicators, how to build an M&E system and the ways they can use M&E for improvements in value for money in programme delivery.

In line with the Ministry’s requirements, a key element of the training was to equip participants with the necessary skills to use modern technology and statistical analysis software in data collection for RBM&E.

This programme was highly interactive, with delegates reviewing case studies and examples to address methods of reporting, ensuring that course learnings could be effectively applied back in the workplace.

On completion of the training, delegates were able to:

  • Understand the essentials of M&E, how to design and implement an M&E system and the factors involved in setting up an M&E unit
  • Understand the complexities of data collection, analysis and interpretation of results and subsequent reporting on performance
  • Design monitoring systems incorporating routine and ad-hoc data collection and reporting techniques
  • Set objectives and design key performance indicators to apply M&E techniques to the measurement of outcomes
  • Recognise the importance of secure data flow and management systems
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of good M&E from a donor’s perspective
  • Assess value for money issues in the delivery of programmes and their outcomes


The delegates were highly engaged throughout the training. Crown Agents post-course evaluations recorded that:

  • 100% of delegates stated that the overall course learning objectives were met
  • 100% of delegates stated that their personal learning objectives were also met
  • 100% of delegates believed that what they had learnt would have a positive impact on their workplace performance

Feedback from participants included:

“It was educating with practical examples and illustrations.”

“A memorable experience, knowledge gained will be applied on the job.”