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Africa Community Access Programme – Improving Rural Roads in Ethiopia /

Increasing opportunities for rural communities through better transport links

This African Community Access Partnership-commissioned programme addressed the challenges of providing reliable access for poor communities in Ethiopia. The programme included research, demonstration, advisory and training projects which identified and supported the uptake of low-cost, proven solutions for rural access that maximised the use of local resources.

Men doing road maintenance with ehavy machinery in rural Ethiopia.

Supporting changes in poverty reduction policy

Project outputs fed directly into regional and national rural transport policies and strategies for poverty reduction. AFCAP funds ‘applied research’ to rural access problems, monitors the research, evaluates the outputs, communicates the research outcomes to stakeholders, and supports the adoption of the results in practice.

Our approach:

  • Enhancing the capacity of public and private road engineers to contribute to the fast-growing road network of the country
  • Increasing the volume and quality of research on the road sector, and communicating with stakeholders to support action on the results