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Nicola Mander /

Director, Energy and Climate Change

Nicci leads Crown Agents’ Climate and Energy practice area. She holds a Master of Science degree and is an experienced international climate change and environmental governance professional, with over two decades of experience in working on complex environmental sustainability programmes. Specialising in inclusive economic growth and overcoming climate resilience challenges in developing countries, Nicci has contributed to and led several large, complex urban sustainability, biodiversity restoration, community watershed stewardship, renewable energy transition, climate action planning and major event greening programmes at local, country-wide and international scales in Africa.

She believes strongly in combining a science-based approach with social learning and participatory processes to ensure human and institutional capacity is built in order to sustain positive change. Nicci has also worked extensively on environmental communications, aiming to bridge the science-policy divide and grow awareness of the tools and approaches that can help practitioners identify appropriate solutions to context-specific challenges.