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Supporting Philippines’ fight against COVID-19 through procuring medical equipment under Japanese Grant Aid /

Since 1987, Crown Agents Japan is the nominated procurement agent for the Japanese Government, procuring any products or services necessary for the Government’s flagship aid programmes.

As a part of this arrangement, Crown Agent Japan procured medical equipment for the Government of the Republic of Philippines to support their counter measures against COVID-19 under the 200 million Japanese yen Japanese Grant Aid “the Economic and Social Development Programme”.

On the 25 November 2022, the handing over ceremony for bedside X-ray machine was held in the city of Manila, Philippines.

Mr. Nihei of Embassy of Japan hands over the bedside-X-ray machine to OIC Secretary of Department of Health Dr. Bergeire

The ceremony was attended by OIC Secretary of Department of Health, Dr. Maria Rosario Bergeire; Executive Director of Lung Center of the Philippines, Dr. Vincent Balanag Jr.; Minister for Economic Affairs of Embassy of Japan, Mr. NIHEI Daisuke; and Chief Representative in the Philippines of Japan International Cooperation Agency, Mr. SAKAMOTO Takema.

Under this grant aid, portable ultrasound diagnostic equipment, hemodialysis machine, MRI, CT scanners, laboratory equipment for infection surveillance sites will also be delivered next year.