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New Disaster Risk Reduction resources available online /

Humanitarian professionals around the world will have access to free disaster risk reduction management (DRRM) learning thanks to a new online course created by The Humanitarian Learning Academy.

The interactive course is designed to provide an in-depth overview of DRRM to humanitarian professionals interested in expanding their knowledge. The free resource will provide information and resources to humanitarian practitioners around the world who might otherwise not have access to such training.

It draws on the very latest global practice and theory combined with expert content from around the world. In addition to presenting the standard DRRM frameworks, it introduces new thinking on vulnerability and risk, on resilience and on urban contexts.

“We’re really pleased to be offering this course on disaster risk reduction and management. We’re passionate about DRRM, we feel that it saves lives and prevent suffering and we encourage everyone to look at this course.” Lewis Sida, Director of the Humanitarian Learning Centre said.

The Humanitarian Learning Academy is a partnership between the Institute of Development Studies, the International Rescue Committee and Crown Agents.

View the course here.