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Crown Agents is proud to join a team led by Tetra Tech to implement the 5-year securing Power, Advancing Resilience & Connectivity Activity (SPARC) /

USAID SPARC will provide strategic technical and procurement assistance to the Government of Ukraine, focusing on enhancing the resilience, reliability, affordability, and security of the electricity, natural gas, and district heating sectors. This includes addressing the challenges posed by the current war, as well as preparing for future post-war reconstruction in Ukraine. The Government of Ukraine, along with international donors, has conducted numerous studies to establish the specific requirements needed for the restoration of critical infrastructure.

Crown Agents will work with Tetra Tech to procure energy equipment for program implementation and in response to wartime needs:

  • SPARC will procure a range of energy sector equipment in response to current wartime needs in Ukraine. These procurements will address priorities identified by the Government of Ukraine in support of its energy sector stabilisation and restoration efforts.
  • SPARC will procure hardware/software for system operators, the electricity market operator, the energy regulator and other government stakeholders; construction equipment and materials; and technical energy equipment such as auto-transformers, power transformers, power generators, and cogeneration units.

USAID, through SPARC, aims to support the Ukrainian Government in meeting its municipality and industrial customer annual electricity generation targets, while simultaneously securing at least $1 billion in investment, sourced primarily from private sector funding.