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UK gender pay gap reporting /

Crown Agents welcome the UK government’s requirement for organisations of over 250 employees to be more transparent on the topic of gender pay and remain committed to promoting gender parity across our organisation.

In addition to the formal submission available on the UK Government site we have produced an updated set of figures which set out progress made on closing the gender pay gap in 2017 and further steps being taken to continue to address this.

Fergus Drake, Chief Executive of Crown Agents, commented:

“We are committed to eradicating the gender pay gap at Crown Agents. Our latest figures indicate our mean hourly wage pay gap is now 16.5% – under the national average of 18.4% – and our median hourly wage gap is 22.7%.


We have fewer women in senior positions and highly compensated technical positions, which we need to work hard to address. And while we have a bonus scheme across the organisation which has actually rewarded more women than men, our commercial trading team – which is has its own incentives scheme – is made up primarily of men.


We are putting in place a dedicated programme across the business to reduce our gender pay gap. Over the past six months we have already increased the number of female employees in our managerial, senior leadership and executive teams and we will also be doing deeper analysis to further diagnose problems and put in place specific solutions.


We will be analysing all Crown Agent’s HR and recruitment processes to identify practices helping to reduce the gap and to change any that are contributing to the problem. We are also improving the ways we monitor and analyse our pay system and any risk around pay inequity.”

Read our gender pay gap report here.