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Charting the journey from fragility to self-sufficiency: Crown Agents impact in 2019 /

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We’re delighted to announce that Crown Agents’ 2019 Impact Statement is hot off the press and charts another dynamic year of achievements in our mission to accelerate self-sufficiency and prosperity in over 60 countries around the world.

From delivering lifesaving healthcare to 10 million citizens in South Sudan or providing solar-electrification to 12,000 schools in Pakistan, to saving the Ghanaian Ministry of Finance $31 million in public funds, our work over the past year has confronted some of the toughest challenges that governments and institutions must solve to improve quality of life and opportunity for their citizens.

As we enter 2020 there is renewed impetus in our efforts to accelerate progress towards achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030. The diverse and far-reaching nature of our work aligns closely to the SDGs, and this report illustrates the breadth of our impact across contexts of extreme fragility, highly resource constrained countries and relatively stable middle-income economies.

Our 2019 Impact Statement tells some of the stories of our work in health to shore up failing delivery systems in weak and fragile states, leading to reductions in child malnutrition and maternal mortality rates; targeted interventions to tackle neglected tropical diseases, and what we’re doing to enable people suffering from cancer to live longer. Our projects to tackle climate change through innovative solar and renewable energy solutions have enabled governments to diversify their economies and power critical infrastructure sustainably and consistently. And our public financial management and value for money auditing services are helping ministries and public institutions secure vital savings for taxpayers so that more money remains in the public purse to spend on the provision of more and better essential services.

This year we showcase how our core capabilities in procurement, end-to-end supply chain, fund management, last-mile-logistics and training and professional development have bolstered governments’ efforts to manoeuvre the pitfalls of crises and instability and steer their nations along the journey to self-reliance.

Crown Agents CEO Fergus Drake said:
“I am immensely proud of all the work we have achieved this year to accelerate self-sufficiency and prosperity around the world. With the SDG deadline of 2030 only decade away, now is the time to harness innovation, catalytic investment and operational ‘know how’ to deliver impact at scale globally. Crown Agents will be at the heart of this challenge.”

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