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PPP: The Fundamentals, Governance and Management for Boards, Committees and Senior Executives /

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Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are an important route to the delivery of a wide range of social, economic and administrative infrastructure in many countries throughout the world. The approach is designed to bring private sector expertise, resources and finance to the provision of important assets and related services. It is vital that board level and senior management staff in government have a good understanding of the PPP approach so that they can provide informed leadership of the programme.

This 1-week course will build a fundamental knowledge in PPPs and examine some pertinent issues in the effective governance and management of PPPs. The course will start by focusing on what constitutes good governance of PPPs. An appreciation of the political and business environment factors at play, and what constitutes an effective PPP framework, is central to understanding what drives and what should underpin all PPP projects.

We will then set out the challenges that PPPs address, and the various PPP solution approaches and contract types, that are at the heart of a successful PPP project pipeline. As part of that we will also cover the screening and appraising of proposed PPPs, including ascertaining value for money and environmental, social and governance factors and impact.

Part of PPPs’ rationale is the sourcing of private sector finance. Consequently, understanding how PPPs are financed and the banks’ perspective on PPPs is critical. This course will examine what makes a PPP bankable and what financial instruments and arrangements may come into play when financing and re-financing a PPP.

The allocation of risk and transfer of appropriate risk to the private sector is another key aspect of PPPs and is at the heart of a well-structured PPP. We will outline the approaches and practicalities of that risk allocation. Finally, a sound contract design and contract management framework is required for the effective performance of a PPP, during construction, operational and asset handback phases.

Course Objectives

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Take a leadership role in ensuring the effective governance of PPPs, applying the principals
  • and standards of good governance to the PPP context and establishing a sound PPP framework and project pipeline
  • Appreciate how the expertise of the private sector can be leveraged to achieve successful
  • infrastructure projects
  • Understand the allocation of risk in a PPP
  • Consider how social and environmental factors and goals impact on PPP programmes and
  • projects
  • Take into account the factors that will affect PPP bankability
  • Understand the important contract mechanisms and frameworks that need to be in place

Key Topics

  • Governance of PPPs and effective PPP Frameworks
  • Creating the environment for successful PPPs
  • PPP suitability for projects
  • PPP Project Risk
  • ESG factors in PPPs
  • Value for Money, Affordability and Fiscal impacts
  • Financing of PPS and the Investor perspectives
  • Contract Design and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Contract Frameworks and Management

All courses will be conducted entirely in English. A proficient level of both spoken and written English is required by all delegates so that they are able to fully benefit from the course and participate in our interactive style of training.

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