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Integrated Financial Management Systems: Strategy and Implementation /

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Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS). The objective is to improve budget preparation and execution and achieve better value for money, efficiency, transparency and accountability in the delivery of government services.

This course explores the key business, people, process and technology issues that are critical to a successful IFMIS implementation. Delegates will receive guidance on practical IFMIS project implementation, key components of the system and how they fit in with the public financial management (PFM) cycle. The course will also explore other relevant issues such as the processes needed to secure the IFMIS against internet and information threats.

Course Objectives

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Define IFMIS and its architecture and how it supports and strengthens PFM and electronic governance services
  • Critically examine the factors involved in the effective planning and implementation of an IFMIS project, taking account of practical change management, system integration, legal, political and institutional issues
  • Explain how an IFMIS solution can enhance internal controls, minimise risk, maximise value for money and enhance transparency
  • Identify the additional operational risks arising from computerising financial management systems and the audit procedures required to address them
  • Assess the scope for enhancing monitoring and evaluation
  • Communicate results effectively to management and key Stakeholders

Key Topics

  • IFMIS implementation: the core business and technology components
  • Public sector budgeting and the budget cycle
  • Importance of the Chart of Accounts (COA)
  • Effective public sector cash management within the scope of the IFMIS
  • Results-based performance measurement, monitoring and evaluation
  • International public sector accounting standards and reporting
  • Auditing the IFMIS
  • Internet and information security considerations of the IFMIS
  • Systems acquisition, customisation and development
  • Developing and implementing IFMIS and electronic governance strategies

All courses will be conducted entirely in English. A proficient level of both spoken and written English is required by all delegates so that they are able to fully benefit from the course and participate in our interactive style of training.

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