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    With over 180 years' experience, we offer unparalleled expertise in supply chain and procurement

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Take the next step as a procurement or supply chain professional with our brand new re-designed portfolio. 

Discover the tools and techniques to develop a more effective supply chain and procurement process and drive efficiency and profitability in your business.

Strategic Leadership in Supply Chain Management
09 - 13 April, London
19 - 23 November, London

Effective Procurement Strategies for Senior Executives (Crown Agents Certificate)​
23 April - 04 May, London
19 - 30 November, London

Ethics and Integrity in Procurement (Crown Agents Certificate)
23 April - 04 May, London
13 - 24 August, London

PPP Procurement and Contract Management

25 June - 06 July, London

Public Sector Procurement for Works and Consultancy Services
30 July - 10 August, London

Electronic Government Procurement: Making it Work
13 - 24 August, London
15 - 26 October, Cape Town    NEW LOCATION!

The Supply Chain Management Toolkit
24 September - 05 October, London

The CIPS Corporate Award
01 - 19 October, London   

3Ps of Public Sector Procurement: Principles, Practices and Performance

15 - 26 October, Cape Town     NEW LOCATION! 

Contract Strategies and Category Management
03 - 14 December, London

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