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Crown Agents in Ghana has become aware of persons purporting to be staff of or working with the company, who are emailing companies and either claiming to be running a tender or procuring on behalf of a government institution in Ghana.   All Crown Agents employees use email addresses with a ‘crownagents’ domain such as @gh.crownagents.com or crownagents.co.uk.  WE NEVER USE Hotmail or Gmail accounts.

For the avoidance of doubt, we advise anyone receiving such emails or other communications from anyone purporting to be representing Crown Agents to call our Ghana office lines on 0302 669798/0302 669799 or send an email to info@gh.crownagents.com.

As a professional organisation delivering outstanding procurement expertise in Ghana and across the world, we wish to assure the general public that Crown Agents is committed to operating to the highest professional standards and  maintains a policy of zero tolerance of all forms of fraud, bribery and corruption.

We have worked in Ghana for over a century, opening our representative office in 1983 and our subsidiary company Crown Agents Ghana Limited in 2000. Our supply chain, consultancy and financial services have served a range of clients including DFID, the Millennium Development Authority, the Japanese government and various ministries.

Our project work has included strengthening public financial management; transforming the country’s tax system and implementing our tripsTM integrated revenue system for more effective revenue collection. We have also provided procurement expertise for the health sector and are helping Ghana to better manage the challenge of climate change.

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