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Financial Services and and Banking Training

Specialist banking and financial services expertise

Crown Agents’ specialist banking and financial services training courses are designed to help banks and insurance professionals tackle significant challenges and maximise opportunities for growth and development.

Use of new technologies and innovative strategies beyond the traditional bank branch model are needed to optimise the development of banking products and services in emerging markets. Robust insurance provision is essential for growth and social welfare, but still underdeveloped in many countries.

Our programmes for banking and insurance professionals provide delegates with in-depth technical understanding of latest global best practice approaches and technologies. These include mobile money and agency banking, which represent a significant opportunity to increase financial inclusion as FinTech changes the financial services landscape worldwide.

Featured Director of Studies – Duncan Hughes

Duncan has over 25 years of experience in financial services across the banking, asset management and insurance sectors. He has held many senior positions at major financial firms including NM Rothschild and Columbia Threadneedle.

In recent years, he has specialised in developing market financial services and pensions and has lectured and consulted widely in South-East Asia and Africa. He is the author of several publications in the fields of investment and financial risk management.

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