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Waste-to-energy in Barbados /

Crown Agents is at the forefront of global waste management initiatives, supporting governments to find sustainable solutions to environmental degradation. Utilising our institutional expertise in managing complex sustainable public procurement programmes and deep experience supporting Caribbean governments, we are developing a more efficient, environmentally friendly waste-to-energy facility to align with the evolving needs of the port and the citizens living and working around it.

Barbados’ seaport is a hub for trade, logistics, transport, technology, and people. Bridgetown Port handles over 1,151 vessels every year, offloading 1.3 million tonnes of cargo, and has the goal to be the most innovative, green maritime hub in the world by 2030. Combining extensive experience and a global network of experts, we are working to update waste management facilities and build capacity in managing waste and construction projects, as well as supporting the replacement of the current waste incinerator to develop an efficient, environmentally friendly waste-to-energy facility to manage waste from cruise ships and port operations.

The new facility will reduce pollutant emissions at the port in addition to producing cleaner energy. Finance Partner IDB Invest are also supporting the purchase and installation of additional rooftop photovoltaic solar capacity at the port to enhance its environmental credentials. The efficient energy conversion facilities funded by IDB will lead to a reduction in pollution and the creation of approximately 6,000 MWH of electricity per year, offsetting energy that would otherwise be sourced from fossil fuels.