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Disaster Emergency Procurement Preparedness for the Organisation for Eastern Caribbean States /

At the end of 2020, Crown Agents won a contract to provide consultancy to the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States to assist them with procurement preparedness in relation to natural disasters. Preparedness would enable them to be more organised to respond to recovery and post recovery efforts.

Crown Agents was tasked with:

  • Improving the Procurement Manual (to allow for emergency procurement)
  • Establishing a list of Priority Items and quantify these (items which would be need to be procured for recovery and post recovery efforts)
  • Establishing framework agreements with suppliers for these commonly needed items.
  • Providing a new IT Procurement system to assist with efficient procurement

As part of this initiative, we also held supplier engagement days to ascertain from Caribbean regional suppliers the type of construction and debris clearance products that are typically required following a disaster event. We are currently extending out this survey to a wider audience. If you are interested in participating (particularly if you are a supplier of Construction Materials for Roof Repair and Debris Clearance Equipment and Tools and supply to the Caribbean region) we invite you to complete a Markey Survey, located HERE . Details about your capacity, delivery times and potential challenges, will provide us with critical information to guide the development of future framework agreements.