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Maximising Resources and Impact of Regional Vaccination Campaigns in Nigeria /

When the pandemic hit, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, engaged Crown Agents to coordinate mitigating actions to reduce risks in supply chain, programme activities, and cash management in COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. The primary objective of this activity by the Gavi Monitoring Agent (MA) Project Team was to conduct risk monitoring and provide hands-on technical support at the sub-national levels in these countries, effectively addressing lack of impact.

As part of this project, the team achieved the following:

  • Safeguarded supplies and prevented vaccine wastage of doses worth $300,000 in Gombe State, Nigeria
  • Ensuring accountability in the use of public funds
    in Gombe State, hereby increasing the uptake of COVID-19 vaccinations and routine immunization in the State.
  • Developing an Outreach Utilization Tool which helps track
    information related to the utilization of funds, such as compliance and data accuracy
  • Strengthening governance and maximising resource allocation for
    immunization programmes in Rivers State, Nigeria
  • Overcoming logistic hurdles in Gombe State, Nigeria, to reach even the remotest communities
  • Improving cold storage facilities, preventing the loss of 73,400
    COVID-19 vaccines worth over $110,000

For more information about our solutions to strengthening immunisation at regional and national scale, please download our case studies below.