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Procurement notice

Ukraine Civil Society Emergency Response Fund (UCSERF): Call for Concept Notes /

Crown Agents International Development

Charity registration number: 1192249

Deadline: April 26th, 2022

Preferred Start Date: May 16, 2022

Location: Ukraine wide

Contract Type: Tender

Contract Amount: Up to 50,000 GBP

The Ukraine Civil Society Emergency Response Fund is a Crown Agents International Development initiative designed to meet the immediate and emerging needs of Ukrainian civil society organizations in response to the invasion of Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022. This fund will support and enable Ukrainian civil society organizations to continue to deliver essential services for local communities across Ukraine, whilst also aiming to increase effectiveness and quality of programming through the provision of grants and technical assistance.

CAID is looking to fund up to six legally registered Ukrainian civil society organizations to carry out projects which support the objective of the fund. Projects are expected to take place over 6 months and be worth up to a maximum of £50,000 GBP. Organizations should be registered in Ukraine, have prior experience to working directly with communities in Ukraine in addition to track record implementing activities they are seeking funding for.

Projects that address one of the below listed objectives will be given a strong preference, however CAID may consider projects which do not meet the objectives.

  1. Supporting and responding to the immediate needs of vulnerable and/or marginalized groups that are displaced or are in occupied or recently occupied areas of Ukraine.
  2. Addressing gender-based violence (GBV) and immediate protection needs.
  3. Supporting actors in the collection of evidence related to the atrocities and crimes committed as part of the invasion of Ukraine.

All concepts must meet the UCSERF eligibility criteria which is stated below:

  • Responsive to a demand or demonstrated need from affected stakeholders.
  • Action to promote and support national and local delivery actors
  • Generation and use of data and evidence for use to support improved outcomes for those in Ukraine.
  • Flexible and adaptive programming.
  • Stronger linkages and alignment to other programmes, actors, and sectors.
  • Understanding and analysis of context at national, state/region and programme level.
  • Mainstream conflict sensitivity and ‘do no harm’.
  • Mainstream risk management.
  • Ensure transparent communication.
  • Achievable in the proposed timeframe.
  • Financially sound and adequately and accurately resourced

CAID reserves the right to award multiple or none of the completed applications submitted. Grants will be awarded in conjecture with quality, as evaluated through the criteria listed above and perceived needs.

Application process

All concept notes must be submitted electronically in English and include the following documents.

  • Concept note in the provided application template
  • A copy of your organization’s registration document

There is no need to submit any other documents, supplementary attachments will not be reviewed by the evaluation team. Hand-written applications will not be accepted. Application forms must be submitted to before 23:00 GMT on 26th April 2022.

Bid Timeline

Stage 1: Deadline of submission concepts.

Stage 2: Shortlist of concept bidders developed with all the applicants being notified of the outcome of the appraisal of their concepts.

Stage 3: Selected concepts are invited to submit full proposals will receive further specific guidance and templates on the preparation of proposals at the time of invitation.

Stage 4: Selected organizations will undergo due diligence.

Stage 5: Selected organizations will undergo a capacity assessment.

Stage 6: Contracts awarded.

Stage 7:  Projects commence.

CAID Vision and Mission  

Our vision and mission run through every part of CAID, reflect our culture and define who we are as an organization.


To relieve poverty, distress and suffering of people in any part of the world by tangibly transforming their lives for the better.


We will achieve this by transforming the people’s lives through supply chain activity, climate-positive capacity and resilience building, focusing on the most vulnerable populations where the world’s greatest needs and greatest challenges converge.