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Procurement notice

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Policy Advisor /




Specific Procurement Notice




Country Belize
Project Name Belize Compact Development Program
Procurement Title Technical and Vocational Education and Training
(TVET) Policy Advisor
Procurement Ref. Number CDT-BEL-24-4000-07
Type of Procurement (goods, works or services as applicable) Consulting Services (Individual Consultants)
Employer Compact Development Team – Belize
Publication Date June 11, 2024
Submission Deadline 5.00 pm Belize Time (GMT-6) on July 23, 2024


The United States of America, through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), and the Government of Belize (The Government) or (GoB), have signed a Compact Development Funding (CDF) Agreement to help facilitate the development and implementation of an MCC Compact with Belize (The Agreement) in the amount of US$10 million (MCC Funding).

The Compact Development program focuses on the alleviation of two binding constraints to economic growth in Belize:

  1. Education: Low quality of education leads to a shortage of trained professionals in all industries.
  2. Electricity: The high cost of electricity drives up input costs for all industries.

MCC’s funding is appropriated by the U.S. Congress and obligated to the compact up-front, with no incremental or partial funding. So, when a contract is signed with an Accountable Entity, money is already available to the Accountable Entity and, for most contracts, invoices are paid directly to Offerors by the US Treasury.

The Government, acting through the Compact Development Team (CDT) is hereby issuing a Request for Application, following the General Procurement Notice published on January 16, 2024, in DgMarket and UNDB, among other sites.

The CDT now invites Applications from eligible Individual Consultants to provide Consultant Services as Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Policy Advisor. More details on these services are provided in the Terms of Reference of the Request for Application (RFA).

This consultancy will support the overall sustainability of the TVET system through the development of a TVET Policy, a TVET Strategy and drafting instructions for a TVET Act. Intensive consultations, research and international /regional benchmarking will be used as the basis for creating the TVET Policy and TVET Strategy. Stakeholder consultation is crucial for the design of the process to ensure buy-in and commitment of dedicated staff to take the development process forward.  This consultancy builds upon the results of a draft TVET Policy designed by a previous consultancy. The establishment of a new governance structure for TVET in Belize will eventually lead to the establishment of a TVET Act.

Bidding will be conducted through the Individual Consultant procedures as specified in the MCC Accountable Entity Procurement Policy and Guidelines (PPG) provided on the MCC website ( and is open to all eligible Individual Consultants as defined in the PPG.


Applicants interested in receiving the RFA and submitting applications should register using the following link: Please fill in the form to get access to the RFA document. Applicants should provide their correct email contact details. This will ensure that the Applicants receive updates regarding this RFA.

Applications must be delivered by using the following File Request Link (FRL) provided in the RFA on or before 23 July 2024 at 5.00 pm Belize time (GMT-6), at the latest. Only electronic submission through the FRL is permitted. Submission by email is not allowed.



Attn: Rusudan Gobejishvili – MCC Interim Procurement Agent
E-mail: with a copy to