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Procurement notice

Procurement of software for National Public Broadcaster of Ukraine (NPBU) /

Crown Agents Ltd has been selected by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency that works on behalf of the Swedish government, to undertake the procurement of the creation and modernization of software required in order to support of digital news production of the national public service broadcasting company of Ukraine.
The procurement will be undertaken in one Lot and include the development of Suspilne News Mobile Application according to the Scope of Work for maximum budget of USD 40 000.
The expected deadline for the public release of both Android and iOS versions is 31st of December 2020. The detailed works calendar will be agreed with the contractor based on technical specifications.
The actual process of the development should be performed in close collaboration with the NPBU.
Suspilne News mobile application is a version of the central news website –, optimised for advanced mobile technologies and presented in the form of a native mobile application.
Features that the application must have:
1. Represents 100% of news content from
2. Supports iOS and Android platforms.
3. Well-documented.
4. Robust and reliable.
5. Design follows mobile version design of the website.
6. Scalable for additional features.
Stack of technologies and technical execution to be suggested by tender participants.

Lot 1: Development of Suspilne News Mobile Application
Selection criteria
The following criteria will be used to prepare a shortlist of a maximum of six Software Developers and IT Companies. In the case of EOIs submitted by a consortium, these selection criteria will be applied to the consortium as a whole.
The EOI evaluation will include an interview with applicants.
Your EOI should evidence:
1. An available project team of 3-5 people with experience of working in the relevant field.
2. That it has provided services under at least 3 contracts covering the following fields (these fields can be covered by separate contracts).
• Experience with content-related or media-related projects.
• Experience with embed solutions related to social networks (Instagram, FB, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok).
• Agile software development techniques.
• Mobile UX/UI design.
• Integration of standalone web-products and applications (REST API).
3. Fluent English is a must for at least management team of a supplier.
Crown Agents requests that Software Developers and IT Companies should submit their EOI by 17st August 2020 to
The procurement processes require that all bidders complete the Crown Agents Business Partners Questionnaire. For advance notice of this requirement the link to access the documents is:

Project Director
Christine Jackson
29th July, 2020