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Contract award

Procurement Agent Services – MCA Timor Leste /








September 11, 2023


Procurement Title: Procurement Agent Services – MCA Timor Leste
Reference: RFP/TTP/2022/QCBS/CS/009
Procurement Category: Consultancy Services


Procurement Method: Quality and Cost Based Selection


Bidders who submitted Bids: 1.      Charles Kendall & Partners in association with GFA Consulting Group

2.      DT Global Inc.

3.      LochanCo Global Inc with JV Agreement with Lochan & Co

Selected Consultant: Charles Kendall & Partners in association with GFA Consulting Group


Contract Price: Six Million Three Hundred and Twenty six Thousand nine hundred and forty five US dollars (US$ 6,326,945.00)
Contract Duration Base period of at least twelve (12) months, plus six (6) 12-month option periods with the final 6th Option period of up to 12 months, which includes the 120 calendar days for Compact Closure at a fixed price.
Scope of Services: The PA acting on behalf of the MCA Timor Leste shall manage the procurement process for selecting the suppliers, contractors and consultants that the MCA Timor Leste  will contract to provide a broad range of goods, works and services and shall provide related contract administration services, in order to implement certain activities funded by MCC pursuant to the Compact. The PA shall diligently oversee, discharge and perform all services necessary to achieve the optimum value for the money expended by the MCA Timor Leste while ensuring that all procurement transactions are conducted in compliance with the principles, rules and procedures set out as in the Compact and associated funding agreements.
Contract Signature Date: September 07, 2023