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Procurement notice

Prior Information Notice for Procurement Agents /

Prior Information Notice for Procurement Agents


July 13, 2023


Procurement Agents Services

Ref: MOZ-CDF-01-2022


Crown Agents Ltd (CA), acting as Interim Procurement Agent on behalf of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), will be issuing a number of Requests for Proposals (RFP) for Procurement Agents Services to support implementation of MCC-fund Compacts.  Shortly, an RFP for these services will be issued for the Mozambique Compact and another for the Regional Compact for Benin and Niger.    Later, in 2024, we expect to launch RFPs for the Zambia and Belize Compacts.


MCC has initiated significant changes to the RFP document which aim to make the procurement selection and award process more competitive for new participants.


We urge you to watch for the next Procurement Agent Services opportunity which will be published extensively including on dgMarket and UNDB.  Please register your interest and request your free copy of the RFP when the procurement notice is published.  Then join the pre-proposal conference which will provide a full briefing on the new process and an opportunity for questions.