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Contract award

Individual Consultants as Regional Managers for Compact Development Team (CDT) / Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia II /





October 25, 2023


Procurement Title: Individual Consultants as Regional Managers for Compact Development Team (CDT) / Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia II
Reference: IND2/2022/ICS/CDF/04
Procurement Category: Consultancy Services


Procurement Method: Individual Consultant Selection


Bidders who submitted Bids: South Sumatera :

1.       Amir Faisal

2.       Ainiyah Kamil

3.       Mufti Zaeni

4.       Moefid Magfoedin

5.       Dwi Puspitasari

6.       Antho Dwi Wicaksono

7.       Rando Nadeak


Bali :

1.       Eko Subhan

2.       Akhmad Saripudin

3.       Munawir

4.       Andri Dirgantara

5.       Made Arca Eriawan

6.       Francisca Indarsiani


Riau :

1.       Reny Dawam

2.       Mardi Sahendra

3.       Desri Erwin

4.       Farouk

5.       Muhammad Ikhsan

6.      Andi Andriadi


Riau Islands :

1.       Afriyadi

2.       Sudarmanto


North Sulawesi :

No applications received

Selected Consultant: South Sumatera : Amir Faisal


Bali : Made Arca Eriawan


Riau : Muhammad Ikhsan


Riau Islands : Afriyadi


Contract Price: South Sumatera : Amir Faisal : 396.000.000 IDR


Bali : Made Arca Eriawan : USD $ 30,000 or equivalent in IDR


Riau : Muhammad Ikhsan : USD $ 30,000 or equivalent in IDR


Riau Islands : Afriyadi : 294.000.000 IDR


Contract Duration Twelve (12) months for each contract
Scope of Services: The MCA-Entity selected an individual consultants to act as Regional Managers for the  province of South Sumatera, Bali, Riau and Riau Islands to assist the MCA-Entity in Jakarta to undertake various assignments aimed at developing relationships and engagements to accelerate and improve the readiness of the provincial and Kabupaten/Kota governments, local working groups, and the supporting private sector for the Infrastructure financing and MSMEs financing program development under the Compact. Furthermore, the Regional Manager also supports and facilitates the preparation of institutional arrangements and implementation regulations at the provincial level needed to implement the projects.


The scope of the consultant is to play an active role as an MCA-Entity focal point in the province, ensure harmonious relationships with and between local stakeholders, develop and implement appropriate communication strategies, provide facilitation and technical support to local stakeholders, and ensure the availability of local data and information required by the MCA-Entity, MCC, their consultants or other related stakeholders in the context of further development of the Compact Program II.

Contract Signature Date: May 04th, 2023