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Procurement notice



Country: Kosovo

Notice Number: 2022-KOS-GPN-001, Amendment 001

Agency: Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

Government of The Republic of Kosovo

Millennium Challenge Account – Kosovo

Original Publication 16 June 2022

Updated 25 October 2022

The United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) and the Government of Kosovo (the “Government”) intend to enter into a Millennium Challenge Compact to help facilitate poverty reduction through economic growth in Kosovo (the “Compact”) in the amount of approximately 202 million USD (“MCC Funding”), with a Government contribution of 34,670,600 USD. The proposed Compact will include three Projects designed to respond to the constraint of unreliable supply of electricity in Kosovo, align with the Government’s national development and energy priorities, and lead to poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth in Kosovo: (i) the Energy Storage Project, (ii) the Just and Equitable Transition Acceleration (JETA) Project, and (iii) the American Catalyst Facility for Development (ACFD) Project. The Government, acting through its Compact Development Team and later, the Millennium Challenge Account-Kosovo, intends to apply a portion of the MCC Funding to payments for contracts for goods, works and services.

The Government shall ensure that the procurement of all goods, works and services by the Government or any Provider to implement the Program shall be in accordance with MCC’s Program Procurement Guidelines (the “MCC Program Procurement Guidelines”).

The procurement program for the period from June 2022 through June 2023 will include the following:

Planned Procurements for administrative and technical services:
Procurement of Goods
* Office furniture and general office supplies
* Office IT equipment (computers, printers, etc.)
Procurement of Works
* Rehabilitation of existing office building structures
Procurement of Services (to include Consultant Services)
Procurement Agent (PA)
Fiscal Agent (FA)
MCA-Kosovo Recruitment HR Services Firm
Independent Technical Evaluation Panel members (multiple)
Executive Assistant
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Design Supervision Consultant
Just and Equitable Transition Acceleration (JETA) Energy Skills for the Future
Just and Equitable Transition Acceleration (JETA) Inclusive Energy Sector Workforce
Environmental and Social Oversight Consultant (ESOC)
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Specialist Consultant
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Support Consultant
M&E for Data Quality Review (DQR)

Contracts for goods, works and services financed under the program will be implemented according to the principles, rules and procedures set out in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines, which can be found at the MCC’s website.

The procurement is open to all bidders from eligible source countries as defined in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines.

Specific procurement notices for contracts to be tendered under the competitive bidding procedures and for consultant contracts will be announced, as they become available, on the United Nations Development Business (UNDB):, Development Gateway Market (dgMarket):, and in local newspapers, and other media outlets as appropriate.

Interested eligible contractors and consultants who wish to be included on the mailing list to receive a copy of advertisements, or those requiring additional information, should contact:

Procurement Agent: Interim Procurement Agent
c/o: MCA-Kosovo
Address: MCA-Kosovo

Sheshi Miss Edit Durham nr.46

10 000 Prishtina, Kosovo

Email: with copy to