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Procurement notice




Government of BENIN

Equipe technique de Formulation du Compact Régional




Version : 1.0

Publication Date : April 11, 2023


The United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”), and the Government of Benin (the “Government”), signed on December 14, 2022 a Compact for a program pursuant to which MCC agreed to provide a grant of up to two hundred two million dollars ($ 202,000,000) (« MCC Funds ») to the Government, as well as a fifteen million one hundred fifty thousand ($15,150,000) contribution from the Government, to facilitate development of a Compact Program to reduce poverty through economic growth in Benin.

The Government has designated Equipe Technique de Formulation du Compact Régional to implement the Government’s responsibilities under the Agreement and intends to apply parts of the funds to payments for contracts for Goods, Works and Services.

MCC has contracted Crown Agents to perform Interim Procurement Agent (IPA) Services on behalf of the Government of Benin, for the procurements to be funded by the Grant and Implementation Agreement.

The procurement of Goods, Works and Services funded by the program will be carried out in accordance with the procurement directives of the Millennium Challenge Corporation program as published on the MCC website:


Procurements for 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024

Estimated Value of Contracts – USD 9,432,890


The procurement program for the twelve (12) months period will include the following:


Project: Corridor Infrastructure (CI)

UCF-B/Consult/QCBS/011 Study for the reclassification and re-marking of the Benin road network


UCF-B/Consult/QCBS/013 Recruitment firm for the Supervision Services and elaboration of the road rehabilitation designs, environmental, social, and impact assessment (ESIA) and related climate assessment, and road safety assessment for the Bohicon-Dassa road segment


Project: Efficient Corridor Operations (ECO)


UCF-B/Consult/QCBS/003 Recruitment of a Consultant to design a road safety Education Campaign program


UCF-B/Consult/QCBS/012 Recruitment firm to elaborate specific components associated with policy and institutional reforms for ECO Project intended to impact and reduce transportation costs along the corridor that connects Cotonou, Benin and Niamey, Niger


UCF-B/Consult/QCBS/014 Recruitment of a Consultant to design a training program for small and medium enterprises that are involved in or associated with the transport sector


Program Administration and Control

UCF-B/Consult/QCBS/015 Recruitment of a procurement agent services
Program Administration and Control

UCF-B/Goods/Shopping/008 Acquisition of Office supplies
UCF-B/Goods/Shopping/009 Purchase, installation and maintenance of Air conditioners
UCF-B/Goods/Shopping/010 Acquisition of IT supplies
UCF-B/Goods/Shopping/018 Acquisition of Software for Digitalization of board meeting
UCF-B/Works/Shopping/016 Provision and Installation of window blinds to cover temporary office space windows
Program Administration and Control

UCF-B/NCS/Shopping/017 Internet services

Contracts for Goods, Works and Services financed under the Program will be implemented according to the principles, rules and procedures set out in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines (MCC PPG) which can be found on the MCC website at

The Procurements are open to all bidders from eligible source countries as defined in the MCC PPG.


Specific procurement notices for Contracts to be tendered under the competitive bidding procedures and for consultant contracts will be announced, as they become available, on the Equipe Technique de Formulation du Compact Régional website (, United Nations Development Business (UNDB:, Development Gateway Market (dgMarket:, in local newspapers, and other media outlets as appropriate.

Interested eligible Contractors and Consultants who wish to be included on the mailing list to receive a copy of the publication notices are invited to express their interest by filling out the online registration form via the following link:


Those requiring additional information should contact:

Equipe Technique de Formulation du Compact Régional

Att.: Interim Procurement Agent

Email :