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Procurement notice



The Government of the Republic Zambia

Millennium Project Completion Agency Zambia Limited – (MPCA-Z)


The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) selected the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) for the development of a potential second Compact. The Millennium Project Completion Agency Zambia (MPCA-Z) was appointed by the GRZ to facilitate the development of this Compact. The United States of America, acting through MCC, and the Government of the Republic of Zambia have entered into a Compact Development Funding Agreement (“Agreement”) in the amount of approximately USD 12,000,000.  Following MCC’s early assessments and in support of the GRZ’s national priorities, MCC and MPCA-Z agreed to jointly pursue the development and continued due diligence on (1) roads and access; (2) asset finance; and (3) agriculture policy and institutional strengthening to improve agriculture productivity and agro-processing.

MCC has contracted Crown Agents Limited to perform Procurement Agent Services on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Zambia, for the procurements to be funded by the Agreement.

This General Procurement Notice amends the General Procurement Notice published on February 28th 2024 on UNDB and on March 1st 2024 on DG Market. It covers the period from June 1st, 2024 for three months, and during that period the Government plans to begin procedures to procure the following goods and services:

Procurements for the period 1st June 2024 to 31st August 2024 Estimated Value – USD 21.6 million, inclusive of options to be exercised upon execution of a Compact.
Procurement of Goods
Handheld GPS system
Procurement of Services (to include Consultant Services)
External TEP Members – Fiscal Agent Services
External TEP Members – Procurement Agent Services
Procurement Agent Services
Fiscal Agent Services
External TEP Members- Preliminary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
External TEP Members – Feasibility Study for Roads and Borders for the Agriculture and Agro processing (AAP) Project
Preliminary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, and Resettlement Policy Framework
Procurement of Consultancy Services for the Feasibility Study for the Roads and Borders for AAP Project
Consultant to conduct a study on Asset Finance Pay as you Go (PAYGO) Pilot Women and Youth
Consultant to design Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS) /Studies and design workshops
Consultant to conduct Trafficking in Persons Assessments
Consultant to conduct a Transport Access Action Research and Geo spatial analysis
External TEP Members for procurement of a consultant to prepare a Resettlement Policy Framework
Banking and Financial Services

Contracts for goods, works and services financed under the program will be implemented according to the principles, rules and procedures set out in MCC’s Accountable Entity Procurement Policy & Guidelines (“PPG”), which can be found at the MCC’s website.

These procurements will be open to all bidders from eligible source countries as defined in the PPG.

Specific procurement notices for contracts to be tendered under the competitive bidding procedures will be announced, as they become available, on the United Nations Development Business (UNDB):, Development Gateway Market (dgMarket):, and US Government System for Award Management websites, and in local newspapers, and other media outlets as appropriate.


Interested eligible offerors who wish to be included on the mailing list to receive a copy of advertisements must fill in a Form by using the following link  Registration of interest. For those requiring additional information, should contact:



Interim Procurement Agent: Aina Rakotomanga
c/o: Millennium Project Completion Agency Zambia Limited –      (MPCA- Z)
Address: Millennium Project Completion Agency Zambia Limited

Stand No’s 20845, 37851 & 37852 Alick Nkhata Road,

ZEP-RE Business Park House,

Mass Media Area, P.O. Box 51290

Lusaka , Zambia

Email: with copy to