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Procurement notice





The Republic of Togo




The Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) is working with the Government of Togo (GoT) to develop a compact by the end of calendar year 2024.  Togo was selected as eligible for MCC funding in the fall of 2022.  A constraint to economic growth analysis was completed in February 2023; and the GoT elected to focus compact development on addressing constraints in the energy (high cost and insufficient reliability) and digital (high cost and insufficient use of digital services) sectors.  The following types of investments concepts are being considered and will undergo additional evaluation, refinement and prefeasibility to determine which combination is best aligned with GoT priorities, is a good fit for MCC, and has the highest potential to improve the lives of Togolese people:


  • Power Sector – A mix of investments in support of energy generation, transmission, distribution, access and/or institutional strengthening.
  • Digital Sector – A mix of investments in meaningful connectivity, interoperable digital payment systems and the innovation ecosystem to contribute to more affordable digital access, the emergence of tech-enabled digital service solutions, and growth of the digital economy.


In furtherance of this development process, during the next twelve months starting from September 2023, the Government, supported by MCC, plans to begin procedures to procure the following services:


Procurements for the period September 2023 – September 2024

Estimated Value – USD 7.9 million

Procurement of Services (to include Consultant Services)
Energy Project:

Ø  Energy Infrastructure Feasibility Studies (combines three components) & Energy Institutional Reform and Capacity Feasibility Study

Digital Project:

Ø  Pre-feasibility study: Connectivity

Ø  Pre-feasibility study: Digital Services


Program Administration:

Ø  Interim Fiscal Agent

Ø  External Technical Evaluation Panel Members (Individual Consultant)

Ø  Architect Contract (Individual Consultant)



All Contracts for Goods, Works, and Services will be implemented according to the principles, rules, and procedures set out in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines which can be found on the MCC’s website.


Procurements are open to all bidders from all eligible countries as defined in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines. Specific procurement notices for contracts to be tendered will be announced, as they become available, on United Nations Development Business (, dgMarket:, and other media outlets.


Interested eligible contractors and consultants who wish to be included on the mailing list to receive a copy of advertisements, or those requiring additional information, should contact:


Zineb Benbrahim

Senior Procurement Consultant,

Interim Procurement Agent (IPA),