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Procurement notice

Economic Analysis of Road Investment Projects for the MCC Mozambique Compact II in Zambézia Province /







Maputo, Mozambique

August 18, 2022


Economic Analysis of Road Investment Projects for the MCC Mozambique Compact II in Zambézia Province


Ref: MOZ-CDF-04-2022 


  1. The Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) is in active collaboration with the Government of Mozambique, via the Compact Development Team (Gabinete do Desenvolvimento do Compacto-II (“GDC”), to develop a second Compact in Mozambique (Compact II). Compact II will contain a program focused on addressing selected root causes of Mozambique’s binding constraints of (1) poor agricultural policy, legal and regulatory framework, and (2) poor and climate vulnerable rural road infrastructure and low freight transport market competitiveness.
  2. The Government of the Republic of Mozambique (GOM) has asked MCC to work in the strategic and highly impoverished province of Zambezia to actively promote inclusive economic opportunity, climate and coastal resilience, and improved quality/access to public services and infrastructure. Projects under consideration include the following:
  • Connectivity and Rural Transport
    • Climate-smart, sustainable, and cost-effective rural road transport connectivity
    • Complementary sector reforms and institutional capacity building
    • Catalyze private sector-led strategies and investment
  • Investment Promotion in Commercial Agriculture
    • Reform institutions and policies to catalyze an inclusive commercial agriculture sector
    • Strengthen the investment framework, capacity, and agricultural production
    • Support gender-equitable opportunities and solutions
  • Integrated Climate Management and Coastal Development
    • Enable community-led mangrove and seagrass reforestation and land-use planning
    • Investigate the feasibility of marine economies and potential application of blue carbon credits.
  1. MCC requires that all beneficiaries of MCC Funding, including the MCA Entity and any applicants, Bidders, Suppliers, contractors, Subcontractors, consultants, and sub-consultants under any MCC-funded contracts, observe the highest standards of ethics during the procurement and execution of such contracts. MCC’s Policy on Preventing, Detecting and Remediating Fraud and Corruption in MCC Operations (“MCC’s AFC Policy”) is applicable to all procurements and contracts involving MCC Funding and can be found on the MCC website at:
  2. This Specific Procurement Notice and Request for Application (RFA), follows the General Procurement Notice that appeared in dgMarket on July 20,2022 and DevBusiness online on July 21, 2022.
  3. GDC-II now invites Applications from eligible Individual Consultants to provide the consultant services for Economic Analysis of Road Investment Projects for the MCC Mozambique Compact II in Zambézia Province.

More details on these services are provided in the Terms of Reference of the Request for Application (RFA)

  1. Contract start date and duration. The location of the assignment is Mozambique (Zambezia Province). The assignment is for a period of Thirteen (13) Weeks.
  2. Anticipated Start Date: October 2022.
  3. Individual Consultants will be selected under the Individual Consultants Selection (ICS) method in accordance with the procedures set out in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines which are provided on the MCC website ( The selection process, as described, will include a review and verification of qualifications and past performance, including a reference check, prior to the contract award.
  4. Consultants interested in receiving the full RFA and submitting Applications should register their interest by sending an e-mail (with subject: Request for Economic Analysis of Road Investment Projects for the MCC Mozambique Compact II in Zambézia Province RFA) to the Interim Procurement Agent at with copy to, giving full contact details of the Consultant. This will ensure that the Consultants receive updates regarding this RFA.
  5. The deadline for submission of Application is 5:00pm SAST (GMT +2) on September 8, 2022.


Yours sincerely,


Higino Francisco de Marrule

National Coordinator

Gabinete do Desenvolvimento do Compacto-II, Mozambique