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Procurement notice

Date: September 27, 2023 Procurement Reference: CMC Togo/Energie/QCBS/2023/01 /






Specific Procurement Notice

Lomé, Togo

Date: September 27, 2023

Procurement Reference: CMC Togo/Energie/QCBS/2023/01

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) is working with the Government of Togo (GoT) to develop a compact by the end of calendar year 2024.  Togo was selected as eligible for MCC funding in the fall of 2022.  A constraint to economic growth analysis was completed in February 2023; and the GoT elected to focus compact development on addressing constraints in the energy (high cost and insufficient reliability) and digital (high cost and insufficient use of digital services) sectors.  The following types of investments concepts are being considered and will undergo additional evaluation, refinement and prefeasibility to determine which combination is best aligned with GoT priorities, is a good fit for MCC, and has the highest potential to improve the lives of Togolese people:

  • Power Sector – A mix of investments in support of energy generation, transmission, distribution, access and/or institutional strengthening.
  • Digital Sector – A mix of investments in meaningful connectivity, interoperable digital payment systems and the innovation ecosystem to contribute to more affordable digital access, the emergence of tech-enabled digital service solutions, and growth of the digital economy.


As part of this Compact development process, the Togo Compact Programme Implementation Unit (“CMC-Togo”) has received funding from MCC and intends to use part of these funds for payments under a Consultancy Service Contract: “Energy Infrastructure Feasibility Studies (combines three components) & Energy Institutional Reform and Capacity Feasibility Study”.

This Specific Notice supplements the General Procurement Notice which was published in UN Development Business (“UNDB”) on September 7, 2023, on dgMarket on September 8, 2023, and in the local press, “Togo Presse” “ on September 8, 2023.

CMC Togo now invites duly incorporated companies to submit a proposal for the provision of the above-mentioned services (“Proposals”). Further information on these Consultant services is given in the Terms of Reference.

This RFP is open to all eligible entities (“Consultants”) wishing to participate. Subject to the restrictions set out in the RFP, Consultants may partner with other Consultants with a view to optimizing their ability to successfully execute the contract.

A Consultant will be selected under the Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS) method , the evaluation procedure whose steps are described in the sections of this RFP in accordance with the “Procurement Guidelines of the Program of the MCC” available on the MCC website ( The selection process, as described, includes review and verification of qualifications and past performance as well as a reference check of the Consultant, prior to award of the Contract.

It should be noted that a Pre-Proposal Conference will be held on October 11, 2023, at 3:15 PM GMT as indicated in the Request for Proposals data sheet (“PDS”), in Section II of this Standard Request for Proposal Document.

Consultants who wish to submit a Proposal are invited to register by following the link below:

Once registered, the RFP will be sent to you in PDF version.

The registration of interested Consultants will also allow them to be informed directly of any additional information and/or updates to the RFP.

Proposals must be submitted electronically to the address and in the manner indicated in point IC 17.3, PDS of the RFP, no later than November 17, 2023, at 3:00PM GMT (Lomé /Togo time).

Please note that only Proposals transmitted electronically, following the Dropbox link indicated in the specific details of the RFP, are accepted.

Please note that the contract is composed of two lots: any Consultant may submit proposals for the two (02) lots and be awarded both lots provided that he fulfills separately for each lot the evaluation and qualification criteria.

Technical proposals do not need to be password protected. However if a bidder decides to submit a technical proposal with password protection, the technical proposal password must be sent to the Interim Procurement Agent no earlier than November 2, 2023 and no later than 15 minutes before the submission deadline, Lomé time.

Late proposals will not be accepted under any circumstances.


National Coordinator – CMC Togo