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Contract award

Consulting Services for Agriculture Economist /


January 17, 2023

Procurement Title: Consulting Services for Agriculture Economist
Reference: SLCDU/CDF/IC/2022/07


Procurement Category: Consultancy Services


Procurement Method: Individual Consultant Services


Bidders who submitted Bids: 1.     Abdul Bakarr Salim

2.     Abdulrahman Bob Conteh

3.     Alimamy Kargbo

4.     Edmond Augustine Kanu

5.     Jonathan Robert Bart

6.     Sinnah Massaquoi

Selected Consultant: Alimamy Kargbo


Contract Price: Ninety-Six Thousand US dollars (US$ 96,000.00)
Contract Duration Twelve (12) Months
Scope of Services: The Agricultural Economist will support the Sierra Leone Compact Development Unit in providing qualitative and some quantitative analysis for the economic justification for the identification and selection of proposed projects and participating in the assessment of the beneficiary analysis and economic rate of return calculation for agreed projects.



Contract Signature Date: December 16, 2022