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Procurement notice

CA GPN 1/2020 – Ukraine Covid-19 Prevention Medical Items /

Procurement of Medical devices for prevention of entry and transmission within the territory of Ukraine of acute respiratory disease, caused by coronavirus Covid-19
13.1 Reagent kit for common RNA extraction from cell and tissue samples with the use of the real-time PCR method qty:51
13.2 Reagent kit for RNA extraction from cell and tissue samples with the use of the automated nucleic acid purification system qty:10
13.3 Reagent kit for 2019-nCoV coronavirus RNA detection with the use of the PCR method qty:4
13.4 Reagent kit for common RNA/DNA extraction from peripheral blood cells, CSF, amniotic fluid, nasal smears, pharyngeal smears and saliva smears as well as further analysis with the use of the reverse transcription PCR method qty:13
13.5 Reagent kit for RNA/DNA extraction with the use of the affinity adsorption based on silica gel particle from biological materials, smears and washings from the respiratory tract, conjunctiva, sputum, BAL, tissue materials, urine, faeces, saliva, vomit, mites, mosquitoes, germ culture and water samples qty:13
13.6 Reagent kit for human RNA ARVI infectious agent, respiratory syncytial virus, metapneumovirus, Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 parainfluenza, coronavirus, rhinovirus, adenovirus B, C and E DNA and bocavirus detection with the use of the PCR fluorescent hybridization detection method qty:130
13.7 Reagent kit for coronavirus IgM Class antibody detection qty:56
13.8 Reagent kit for two-step real-time quantitative reverse transcription PCR qty:89
13.9 Auxiliary reagent kit for real-time PCR containing the hot-start DNA polymerase, dNTP and optimum buffer concentration qty:109
13.10 Reagent kit for RNA matrix cDNA extraction qty:20
13.11 Reagent kit for Influenza virus A and Influenza virus В RNA detection with the use of the PCR fluorescent hybridization detection method  qty:109
13.12 Reagent kit for Influenza virus A and Influenza virus В RNA detection with the use of the PCR fluorescent hybridization detection method qty:97
13.13 Universal tip, 1,000 μl, filtered qty:83
13.14 Tip, 100 μl, filtered qty:85
13.15 Tip, 20-200 μl, filtered qty:86
13.16 Tip, 0.1 – 10 μl, filtered qty:85
13.17 Eppendorf tube, 1.5 ml qty:89
13.18 Transparent PCR tube, 0.2 ml, flat cap qty:70
13.19 Cryo tube, 2.0 ml, sterile qty:148
13.20 Autoclaving package qty:85
13.21 Waterproof laboratory costume qty:4698
13.22 N95/FFP2 Respirator qty:366
13.23 Nitrile non-powdered gloves qty:344
13.24 Disinfectant for surface treatment qty:305
13.25 Disinfectant for scrubbing 2qty:99
13.26 Polystyrene PCR tray 1qty:73
13.27 Adhesive film for PCR trays qty:48
13.28 Sampling kit: Dacron swab and transport medium tube 1qty:2510
13.29 Thermal container with thermal elements qty:532
13.30 Clipped plastic packages, 80 mm x 120 mm, designed for packaging qty:265
13.31 Single Channel Dispenser 10-100 μl qty:77
13.32 Single Channel Dispenser 20-200 μl qty:77
13.33 Single Channel Dispenser 200-1000 μl qty:78
13.34 Multichannel Dispenser (8 or 12 channels) 0.5-10 μl qty:60
13.35 Multichannel Dispenser (8 or 12 channels) 5-50 μl qty:60
13.36 Multichannel Dispenser (8 or 12 channels) 50-300 μl qty:61
13.37 Surgical suction device qty:5
13.38 Workstation tray for 0.2 ml microtubes qty:28
13.39 Container tray for sample storage (1.5-2.0 ml tubes) qty:34
13.40 Medical isolation gown, disposable qty:125582
13.41 Respirator, at least FFP2 protection class qty:148292
13.42 Nitrile medical non-sterile non-powdered gloves qty:173970
13.43 Face shield or safety glasses qty:3686
13.44 Medical (surgical) face mask qty:1112000
13.45 Pyrometer (IR thermometer with a laser pointer) qty:262
13.46 Alcohol pocket hand sanitiser (150 ml) 8qty:25

Crown Agents requests that Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors register their interest immediately.
Interested Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors should contact confirming their interest in being invited to participate. Information to be provided should include:
Company name
Company address
Contact details (tel., email, etc.)
Contact person
Manufacturer / Distributor – please state
Please state very clearly which of the required items you have in stock at the present time.

We will request quotations from 19 March 2020.
The procurement processes require that all bidders complete the Crown Agents Business Partners Questionnaire. For advance notice of this requirement the link to access the documents is:

Christine Jackson
Project Director
17th March 2020

Suppliers will normally be selected through an open competitive process but due to the urgent nature of this requirement, Crown Agents is under no obligation to invite any organisation that registers.