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Procurement notice

BPI 112000 – Specific Procurement Notice – Initial Selection Document (ISD) /

Specific Procurement Notice – Initial Selection Document (ISD)

Invitation for Initial Selection

(Engineer Procure Construct/Turnkey Contract)

Amendment No 1

Employer: Barbados Port Inc.

Project: Construction of Waste to Energy (WtE) Plant

Contract title: BPI 112000

Country: Barbados

ISD No: WtE EPC 001Wks

This refers to the Specific Procurement Notice (SPN) issued on 9 February 2024 for the subject Project.

Please note that the above has been reopened for a further 30 days with a new closing of on or before 17:00 (Standard Atlantic time), 19 April 2024. Late applications may be rejected.

Applications for Initial Selection should be submitted in non-editable documents clearly marked as application to the following email address: -.

Please be guided accordingly.

Jane Crouch

Project Manager

Crown Agents