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Contract award

Belize Electricity Tariff Assessment and Benchmarking Analysis /




March 25, 2024



Procurement Title: Belize Electricity Tariff Assessment and Benchmarking Analysis


Reference:    23-4000 (QCBS)


Procurement Category: Consultancy Services


Procurement Method: Quality and Cost Based Selection


Bidders who submitted Bids: 1.      CPCS Transcom Limited in association with

·         Estudios Energéticos Consultores S.A. (EEC), Dr. Luis Bonavita 1294 of602, Montevideo, Uruguay – a Grupo Mercados Energéticos (GME) Consultores group company (Corporate Sub-Consultant)

·         Tobias Sengfelder, Go Green Belize, Valley of Peace Road, La Gracia, Cay District, Belize (Individual Sub-Consultant)

2.      Fichtner Management Consulting AG

3.      MacroConsulting S.A.

4.      MRV Energy Consulting Inc.

5.      Quantum America Corp.

Selected Consultant: Quantum America Corp.
Contract Price: Four Hundred and Sixteen Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Five United States Dollars (US$ 416,955)
Contract Duration: Five (5) Months
Scope of Services: The scope of this project includes a Benchmark Study, a Revenue Requirement/Cost of Service Analysis and a Tariff Action Plan (TAP) for the electricity sector in Belize.  The overall objective is to provide essential information to the Government of Belize (GoB) by way of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) on the cost structure within the Belize electricity sector that will allow the PUC to make a detailed assessment of tariff design to ensure that the costs of providing electricity service are allocated fairly and accurately among the various customer classes, and that rates are set at a level that ensures the financial viability of an efficiently operated utility balanced with the long-term policy goals of the GoB.


Contract Signature Date: March 21, 2024