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Headshot of Yucca Aurovillian

Yucca Aurovillian /

Deputy Director, Programme Management

Yucca has gained years of experience management consulting with the private and public sectors, as well as non-profit organisations. Working with organisations such as Deloitte and IBM, Yucca has continually sought to drive business improvement and sustainability through effective change management and programme delivery.

As a certified Prince 2 project management practitioner, and with a background and keen interest in International Relations and Development especially in the South American and South East Asian regions, Yucca is excited to combine her interests and experience to lead the Business Improvement team at Crown Agents. Throughout her career, Yucca has also been a passionate advocate of dedicating time to partner with social enterprises and charities to support their causes.

Outside of work Yucca enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures around the world as well as the great outdoors.