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Emily Nell /

Humanitarian and Early Recovery Consultant

Emily Nell works on the delivery and implementation of Crown Agents Humanitarian and Early Recovery programmes. Emily oversees the internal and external reporting for projects, liaises closely with external consultants and implementing partners, and measures project impact and monitoring and evaluation. As well as delivery, Emily works closely with the humanitarian community, local stakeholders and leading technical experts to develop phases of exiting projects, defining core areas of need and expansion, and designing new programmes that bring together Crown Agents’ expertise in responding to sudden onset and protracted crises. Emily also coordinates with country level working groups and other actors (civil society organisations, NGOs, INGOs, government institutions and other entities) to make sure Crown Agents interventions are in sync with the overall response laid out in the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for respective countries.

Emily joined Crown Agents from a data management and MEL background, conducting needs assessments and coordination of rapid response assessments in Libya between 2018-2020, include assessing multi-sectoral needs for the annual OCHA  Humanitarian Needs Overview. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Emily was seconded to UNDP to assist in design  and rapid roll-out of needs assessments for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across every country with UNDP country offices in early 2020. In terms of programme delivery, Emily facilitated education programmes in Ghana and marine bio-diversity research in communities in Honduras experiencing mass tourism.

Emily provides programmatic and research expertise to project impact to Crown Agents projects, with an MA in Anthropology of Development from the University of Sussex.