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Thought Leadership

The Tickler File System- an innovative and low-tech solution to reduce immunisation defaults in South Sudan /

Immunisation is a crucial public health intervention that has been recognised as one of the most cost-effective methods to reduce childhood morbidity and mortality. Despite the overwhelming evidence of its benefits, countries worldwide are still grappling to meet the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global target of 90% coverage.

In South Sudan, children’s immunisation schedules are often disrupted due to limited access to healthcare facilities, insufficient vaccine supplies, lack of knowledge, cultural beliefs, nomadic and pastoralist lifestyles, flooding and conflict-related disruptions.

In order to improve immunisation coverage in South Sudan and reduce the incidence of defaulters, innovative and out of the box solutions are needed. Through the Health Pooled Fund 3 (HPF3) programme, Crown Agents has developed the Tickler File System, which is an efficient and effective immunisation defaulter tracing and referral mechanism that ensures all children follow up their immunisation schedule.