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Crown Agents’ Overseas Territories COVID-19 response: MBE award for Jane Phelan /

We are proud to share some fantastic news after another difficult year tackling COVID-19:

Our colleague Jane Phelan will be awarded an MBE this year for the outstanding commitment she has shown working with the FCDO and the Crown Agents team, to ensure that the PPE, Lab equipment and vaccines, reached those who needed them in the British Overseas Territories.

Leading the Crown Agents team which managed part of the global vaccine response on behalf of the UK Government, Jane and her colleagues weathered unique challenges such as tropical storms, heavy snow, a new custom regime due to Brexit, grounded planes, border closures and heavy snowfall whilst they needed to ensure that the vaccines, which travelled for over two weeks in some instances, were transported at the exact temperatures required to ensure they could be injected in people’s arms upon arrival at destination.

“This has been the most challenging, yet most rewarding project of my career.” comments Jane.

“Whilst the world was grappling with a global pandemic, with millions of people dying, we were given the opportunity to save lives-globally.”

“Being able to commit to this mission, aligned with feeling a strong sense of purpose and working with a team that has your back- always- was incredible: It gave me immense strength to navigate my own, personal challenges in relation to the pandemic and my health.”

“This award belongs to my colleagues as much as it belongs to the strength, resilience and gratitude they have instilled in me.”

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Jane.