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Crown Agents and UNICEF shortlisted for the SAP Supply Chain Operations Award – Process at the 2023 Supply Chain Excellence Awards /

We are thrilled to announce that Crown Agents and our partner UNICEF, have been shortlisted for the SAP Supply Chain Operations Award – Process at this year’s Supply Chain Excellence Awards. 

Planning sustainable and context-specific solutions for improving healthcare waste management: 

The open burning of waste is seen as a major source of air pollution, leading to increased methane emissions in our atmosphere. Alongside the environmental challenges, a lack of resources and non-prioritisation of resources means that low and middle-income countries are not practicing safe healthcare waste management.  

Crown Agents, in collaboration with UNICEF and with the support of Ministries of Health, has provided technical assistance to Botswana, Somalia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Azerbaijan, as well as UNICEF’s East Asia Pacific Regional office, which covers 13 countries in the region, to support the establishment of long-term agreements with suppliers that offer innovative, green, and safer healthcare waste management equipment. 

This work results in the development of a country specific 10-year roadmap, which will not only lead to lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions but also represent an economic opportunity for the countries involved, leading to improved health outcomes for local communities.

By driving innovative solutions to the planetary triple crisis—climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss—this project has and will continue to improve livelihoods through increased employment opportunities and environmental sustainability. The advanced practices employed across this project have been designed to be scalable and flexible to meet the requirements in different environments. 

Crown Agents would like to thank our partner, UNICEF, and the Ministries of Health for the success of this project. 

We look forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony on November 9th. 

Take a look at the shortlist here.